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I've never seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But for whatever reason all my friends are fanatics. In this podcast, I watch a TV show about kids in high school with my best friends from high school. 20 years later.
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Dec 20, 2018

Oz gets back from Tibet with new mastery of his werewolf powers. We watch New Moon RIsing with special guest Maia Kobabe.

Tough questions from this episode:

How long was Oz gone?
• 30 days?
• 3 months?
• Or is time is different on the hell mouth

Bonus question: how many lipsticks does Tara wear in this episode?

Dec 11, 2018

This episode was released a few hours ago with bad audio.  This release should fix the problem!

The Buffy Virgin crew tackles the haunted frat house orgy that is "Where the Wild Things Are".

Dec 4, 2018

After a break, Buffy Virgin is back with Superstar!  Virgin Michael delivers a new rap summary, and Longtime host Dave Yoder leads the discussion, including a trip down memory lane as we revisit past discussions of the amazing Jonathan Levinson.

Oct 23, 2018

Faith's body: who wore it best? The Buffy virgin gang dives in to BTVS' answer to freaky friday: season four's "Who Are You?"

Oct 16, 2018

"This Year's Girl" is a the first part of a cliffhanger which sees the return of evil slayer Faith.  The Buffy Virgin Gang dives in to discuss the finer points of body swapping and making a video tape to be played upon your death.


Oct 9, 2018

The Buffy Virgin team gets honest about Riley Finn as they discuss "Goodbye Iowa"

Oct 2, 2018

Buffy Virgin and crew take on The I in Team, and watch as Buffy and Riley struggle with deception and corruption as they discover the truth about The Initiative.

Sep 25, 2018

The BV crew takes a break from Sunnydale to visit Los Angeles, home of burrowing bedfellows, detachable doctors, and the moussed crusader.

Sep 18, 2018

Mike, the 'Buffy Virgin' who has never watched Buffy The Vamipre Slayer before, and his very devirginized buddies, as well as special guest, cartoonist David Yoder, take on "A New Man". Giles will never be the same, and neither will we.

Sep 11, 2018

The Buffy Virgin Gang, and special guest Donna Almendrala of Mad Macaques, take on the episode most famous being the episode after hush...  

Sep 5, 2018

**This is a re-release following some technical difficulties. Sorry about the confusion!** 

The Buffy Virgin gang, along with special guest Audrey say a lot of words about a lot of silence as we discuss the incredible Hush!

Aug 28, 2018

It's the episode all you hardcore spuffy fans have been waiting for: Something Blue! Buffy virgin Michael shares his reactions to this classic comedy episode.

Aug 21, 2018

The Buffy Virign crew tackles Pangs, potentially one of the most vexed episodes of the series. Join us as we sit back, relax, and (like Angel) passively observe the events of Pangs!

Aug 8, 2018

On this episode, the gang takes a look at "The Initiative, " and along with special guests Quinn and Jess from The Sunnydale Fanfic Club, we ask the hard questions:

Who is Riley anyway?  Aren't we all riley?  And who doesn't love cheese?

Jul 31, 2018

Giles needs adult friends. Weird acting at The Bronze. Veruca eats a giant hamburger. And Oz leaves the show. Forever? We're not sure. Well, one person isn't sure. 

Jun 20, 2018

We discuss the episode that the Buffy community considers to be the worst with special guest Jason Cooper

8:24 Summary
10:22 Great Lines
12:53 Kill Count
13:32 Weird Noticings & Trivia
54:00 Recommendations
1:09:37 Virgin Predictions

Jun 6, 2018
In this episode:
1 Human (maybe gets killed)
1 Demon gets stopped
1 Kid in a halloween mask gets punched in the face
Anya’s 3rd hair color
3rd Uncle Rory mention
We address the Demon Mixtape from the previous episode, learn that Joss had bigger plans for Sunday, and ask ourselves "Did Giles call Buffy a bitch in Living Conditions?"
We recommend DVD for Season 4 (vs. Hulu) – we remember Joyce’s friend Pat (when Joyce doesn’t) and ask:
Are Buffy and Hellboy similar characters?
Which haunted house scare works the best on you?
In episode: Fantasia, Phantasm, Abbot & Costello meet Frankenstein
Denis Recommendations: House on Haunted Hill + Cabin in the Woods
May 30, 2018
Buffy is a place of negotiation for experiencing and expressing emotions and this ep does a great job of manipulating them. 
Is Harmony/Spike like a divorced older man with a younger woman? Should Giles have died at the end of Season 3? Is Parker a poorly made John Cusack clone?
May 22, 2018

Buffy faces her greatest challenge yet: Not Sid the Wily Dairy Gnome, but Kathy the Evil Roommate Monster!

Mike hosts this episode of Buffy Virgin while Denis is on business in Japan, and we are joined by special guest Audrey who shares the perils of bad roommates and secret admirers. 

May 15, 2018

Buffy goes to college!  We find out which member of the Scooby Gang can't hack Pop Culture Studies, and which member of the Buffy Virgin Gang actually owned a Klimt poster.

May 8, 2018

Another season has come and gone! Before we charge off to college, the Buffy Virgin gang discusses the best and worst of season 3, and which Buffy character deserves to die for his crimes, ass well as fantasize about Buffy alternate universes, and discuss Michael's predictions for what will happen next...

May 1, 2018

We survived high school!  We survived watching a show about high school with our friends from high school!


The Buffy Virgin gang wraps up season three with Graduation, and an extra special summary in which Michael raps the events of the episode for us!

Apr 17, 2018

Buffy gets dumped by her boyfriend just before prom. Of course, it's Sunnydale, so prom means monsters. 

 Meanwhile, the Buffy Virgin crew recounts some Prom horror stories of their own. 

Apr 10, 2018

By the watcher's council! The gang reviews Buffy season three, episode nineteen: Choices!

Oz makes mike cry, choosing a college is stressful, and returning guest David Yoder is the most comic-book educated man in the world!

Apr 6, 2018

Who is the secret killer who stalks the halls of Sunnydale High School?

What would you do if you could read minds?

Who would hire a James Bond impersonator for a private party?

The Buffy Virgin Crew tackles the difficult questions!

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